Impacting Families in Our Communities

Our Grantmaking

Important Dates

Responsive Grantmaking Deadline (Cycle 1)
Responsive Grantmaking Deadline (Cycle 2)

Our Strategy
In 2017, we re-affirmed our long-standing commitment to strengthen families and improve communities in which O’Neill family members live, streamlined our grant processes and shortened our grant applications. 
What Influenced Our Decision
Our grantmaking strategy reflects our research collected throughout an extensive year-long internal and external review process. We drew on the experiences of organizations that have seen measurable changes within their communities and reviewed best practices for foundations that engage in transformational leadership – both through grant and non-grant related activities. 
How to Learn More
  1. Download our infographic and explore our website. 
  2. Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, January 23rd at 1pm and 5pm ET to review the new Responsive Grantmaking application guidelines. Webinar registration will open on January 15th and a link will be posted on our How to Apply page. The webinar will be recorded and made available on our website afterwards. 
  3. Follow us on Twitter (@oneillfdn) and Facebook (@oneillfoundation).